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Auto-Exchange Form Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Dreyfus Auto-Exchange Privilege. We are confident you will find this service a valuable tool in the management of your finances.

The Dreyfus Auto-Exchange Privilege allows regular, automatic exchanges from one of your Dreyfus mutual fund accounts into another, or several other, existing Dreyfus mutual fund accounts. You may use this free service to reallocate your assets or to diversify your portfolio over time.1 Whatever your goal, this service is flexible, permitting exchanges annually, quarterly, monthly or semimonthly, on the first or 15th of the month. You may choose to exchange a fixed dollar amount of $100 or more, or a set number of shares with a minimum current value of $100.

The authorization form is all you need to set up the Dreyfus Auto-Exchange Privilege between two of your existing eligible Dreyfus accounts. Simply:

  • Tell us the amount you wish to exchange (minimum current value $100);
  • Indicate the account out of which you wish us to exchange;
  • Indicate the account(s) into which you wish us to exchange;
  • Tell us the schedule you prefer;
  • Sign the Authorization Form.2 

We'll do the rest at no cost to you. We'll also send you a transaction confirmation for each exchange.

Please mail the completed form to:
For registered/certified mail please mail to:
Dreyfus Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 9879
Providence, RI 02940-8079
Dreyfus Shareholder Services
4400 Computer Drive
Westborough, MA 01581

If you have any questions about the Dreyfus Auto-Exchange Privilege, including which funds offer this service, please contact us.

Dreyfus Auto-Exchange Form

Download a prospectus for more complete information on any Dreyfus fund, including management fees, charges, expenses, and share classes, as applicable. Please read it carefully before you invest.

1. Sales loads or other charges may apply.

2. Please note that your signature(s) must be guaranteed if the account registrations on the accounts you are exchanging out of and into are different.