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Dividend Options Form Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Dreyfus Dividend Sweep and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) options. We are confident you will find the services offered to be a valuable tool in the management of your finances.

Dreyfus Dividend Sweep allows automatic transfers of any dividends and/or capital gains you earn in one of your Dreyfus mutual fund accounts into another one of your existing Dreyfus mutual fund accounts. For example, you may use this free service to sweep distributions from a growth-oriented fund into a money market fund.1 Or you may invest the dividends from a money market or short-term income fund into a longer term growth fund.

No matter how you choose to employ your Dreyfus Dividend Sweep, your earnings will work for you nonstop because they are automatically transferred on the day they are paid.

Dreyfus Dividend ACH allows automatic electronic transfers of any dividends and/or capital gains from your Dreyfus mutual fund account to your designated bank account. With Dreyfus Dividend ACH, there is no charge by Dreyfus and no chance of mail delays.1 We do suggest that you check with your bank to see if it will charge you a fee for using this service.

The Dreyfus Dividend Options Form is all you need to set up either Dreyfus Dividend Sweep or Dreyfus Dividend ACH on your eligible Dreyfus account. To get started, simply:

  • Select either the Dividend Sweep or Dividend ACH option;
  • Tell us whether to transfer the dividends only, or dividends and any capital gains;
  • Indicate the Dreyfus account from which you wish us to transfer;
  • Indicate, for Dreyfus Dividend Sweep, the Dreyfus account into which you wish us to transfer;
  • Indicate, for Dreyfus Dividend ACH, the bank account into which you wish to transfer and attach a voided check from your bank account (to participate, your bank must be a member of the Automated Clearing House); and
  • Sign the form.2

We will do the rest at no cost1 to you, and we will send you a transaction confirmation for each dividend transfer.

Please mail the completed form to:
For registered/certified mail please mail to:
Dreyfus Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 9879
Providence, RI 02940-8079
Dreyfus Shareholder Services
4400 Computer Drive
Westborough, MA 01581

If you have any questions about these dividend options, including which Dreyfus funds offer these services, please contact us.

Dreyfus Dividend Options Form

Download a prospectus for more complete information on any Dreyfus fund, including management fees, charges, expenses, and share classes, as applicable. Please read it carefully before you invest.

1. Sales loads or other charges may apply.

2. Note that you must have your signature(s) guaranteed if you are selecting Dreyfus Dividend Sweep and the registrations on the "FROM" and "TO" accounts differ or if you are opting for Dreyfus Dividend ACH.