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Keogh Plan Participant Forms

Select the appropriate Keogh shareholder form:

Dreyfus Keogh Distribution Request Form
Use this form if you are a Keogh plan participant, or a beneficiary of the deceased participant, to request a distribution from the Dreyfus Keogh Plan. To avoid processing delays, call Dreyfus to confirm the status of your Adoption Agreement.

Dreyfus Required Minimum Distribution Request Form
Make distributions from your Dreyfus Keogh Plan.

Dreyfus Keogh Plan Beneficiary Designation Form
Establish or change the primary and secondary beneficiary(ies) for your Dreyfus Keogh Plan.

Dreyfus Keogh Transfer Request Form
Transfer or directly roll over all or a portion of your current IRA, qualified plan or 403(b) plan to your Dreyfus Keogh Plan