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Transfer Ownership Instructions

In order to transfer ownership of your account where all current owners are able to sign, please complete the Change of Registration Authorization Form and Account Application,which include mailing instructions. Please note the following important instructions:

Change of Registration Authorization Form:

  • Complete Sections 1-3.  If the change is due to a legal name change for one of the owners of a joint account, that owner should sign his/her former name and current name in Section 3.
  • Obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee* in Section 4. 

A Medallion Signature Guarantee is not required if:

  • The account is to be transferred from the names of the joint tenants to a trust account where the tenants are now the only co-trustees on the new account; or
  • The account is to be transferred from the name of the individual account owner to a trust account where the individual is the only trustee on the new account.

Account Application:

  • Carefully review Page 2 for a description of the sections that must be completed and the documentation that may be required to establish the new account.
  • Complete Sections 1 through 4, as applicable, for the type of account that will be established.  Please be certain to provide all requested information in the applicable sections. Select the dividend and capital gains distribution options in Section 5.  Please do not enter a selection for Fund Name(s), Class of Shares or Amount in this section.  The current account will be transferred to a new account within the existing fund.
  • Section 5A should be completed with the cost basis reporting method for the newly registered account.  This election is not applicable to money market funds.
  • The new account owner(s) should complete Sections 6 through 8 for the privileges they wish to add to the newly registered account.  Please be certain to attach a voided check to the application if the Dreyfus Automatic Asset Builder®, Dreyfus TeleTransfer and/or Wire Redemption privileges are being added to the new account.
  • All new owners must sign and date Section 9, and indicate the capacity in which they are signing (if applicable).
  • Complete Section 10 if the account will be transferred to a trust, corporation or other entity and obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee* or corporate seal.

Please enclose any share certificates that may be outstanding on the current account. The certificate(s) must be returned unsigned with the completed Change of Registration Authorization Form and Account Application by certified or registered mail to the following address:

Dreyfus Shareholder Services
4400 Computer Drive
Westborough, MA 01581

If the address of record for the current account needs to be updated, please attach a brief letter of instruction that has been signed by all current registered account owners.  This will enable Dreyfus to send the final account statement and any applicable year-end tax forms directly to the appropriate person.

If the current account has the Checkwriting Privilege, please be sure that all outstanding redemption checks for the account have been paid before submitting the transfer instructions. 

When we receive the required forms in proper order, we will process the request.  Written notification of the registration change and a new book of redemption checks (if applicable) reflecting the new account number(s) will be sent to the new account owner(s).
At Dreyfus, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your financial needs. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

*The Transfer Agent has adopted standards and procedures pursuant to which Medallion Signature Guarantees in proper form generally will be accepted from domestic banks, brokers, dealers, credit unions, national securities exchanges, registered securities associations, clearing agencies and savings associations participating in the New York Stock Exchange Medallion Signature Program (MSP), the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) and the Stock Exchanges Medallion Program (SEMP).  Notarization by a notary public is not an acceptable guarantee.