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Form 1099-INT FAQs

Q. Why did I receive a Form 1099-INT for 2011 for my account?
A. Federal regulations require reporting tax-exempt dividend distributions of $10.00 or more. For 2011, this information is provided to you on Form 1099-INT.

Q. I also received a 2011 Statement of Tax Exempt Income. Do I need to use both the Statement and Form 1099-INT?
A. It is recommended that you use Form 1099-INT for reporting purposes on your federal personal income tax return. However, both items mailed to you provide information regarding the amount of income dividends paid to you from your Dreyfus investments that was exempt-interest income as well as the amount of your fund's exempt-interest dividends that may qualify as a tax preference item for the AMT.

The Statement of Tax Exempt Income also provides additional information, such as the percentage of your fund's exempt-interest income subject to the federal AMT, as well as the amount that may be needed to complete your state income tax return.

This information is general in nature and is not intended to constitute tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for more detailed information on tax issues and for advice on your specific situation.