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Corporate Dividends-Received Deduction

This deduction was designed for U.S. corporations only; individual investors are not eligible. Subject to certain restrictions, U.S. corporations are eligible to take a "dividends-received deduction" equal to approximately 70% of qualifying dividends received from other taxable domestic corporations.

Likewise, qualifying corporate shareholders of a fund are, generally, entitled to take the dividends-received deduction with respect to all or a portion of the fund's receipt of dividends from taxable domestic corporations. Please note that fund capital gain dividends do not qualify as dividends for purposes of taking the dividends-received deduction.

To view the qualifying percentage for purposes of the dividends-received deduction for any Dreyfus fund, click here. If your fund does not appear in the table, please review your year-end statement with your tax advisor to verify if the fund's dividends qualify for this deduction, and what percentage, if any, should be used.

You may also download printer-friendly versions of the tax information that follows.

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