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Tax Information Online Posting and Mailing Schedule

How/When it's Mailed
Estimates of short- and long-term capital gains and income to be distributed to shareholders as of the fund's record date. (Note: Final amounts could differ from estimates and typically begin posting in December.

A complete list of final year-end distribution information is available on January 1, 2015.) You can also access the most current distribution information by calling Dreyfus Express® at 1-800-645-6561.
Online Early November - December
Year-end statement:
Reports distributions and activity in each fund account for the year.
Mailed Early January
Statement of Tax Exempt Income
If applicable, you will receive the statement with your year-end statement
Mailed Early January
Reports taxable income and capital gain distributions over $10
For accounts with only dividends/capital gains to report will be mailed by February 2, 2015. Accounts requiring both Form 1099-B and Form 1099-DIV will be mailed by February 17, 2015
Reports gross proceeds from any sales (redemptions) of mutual fund shares, excluding money market funds, IRAs and certain qualified retirement accounts.
Mail By February 17,2015
Reports a distribution made from a retirement plan or IRA. If this distributed amount was not rolled over into another tax-deferred account you will need to include all or part of it in your ordinary income for tax purposes.
Mail By February 2, 2015
Reports a distribution made from a Coverdell ESA (formerly known as an Education IRA).
Mail By February 2, 2015
Form 1042-S
Reports taxable dividends and income tax withheld on accounts owned by nonresident aliens.
Mailed By March 16, 2015
Reports all IRA and SEP-IRA rollover and regular contributions for the 2014 tax year. This will not be available until mid-May, 2015.
Mailed By June 1, 2015
Reports all Coverdell Educational Savings Account contributions for the 2014 tax year.
Mailed By April 30, 2015