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Tax Information Online Posting and Mailing Schedule

How/When it's Mailed
Estimates of short- and long-term capital gains and income to be distributed to shareholders as of the fund's record date. (Note: Final amounts could differ from estimates and typically begin posting in December.

A complete list of final year-end distribution information is available on January 1, 2013.) You can also access the most current distribution information by calling Dreyfus Express® at 1-800-645-6561.
Online Early November - December
Year-end statement:
Reports distributions and activity in each fund account for the year.
Mailed Early January
Statement of Tax Exempt Income
If applicable, you will receive the statement with your year-end statement
Mailed Early January
Reports taxable income and capital gain distributions over $10
Mailed By February 15
Reports gross proceeds from any sales (redemptions) of mutual fund shares, excluding money market funds, IRAs and certain qualified retirement accounts.
Mailed By February 15
Reports a distribution made from a retirement plan or IRA. If this distributed amount was not rolled over into another tax-deferred account you will need to include all or part of it in your ordinary income for tax purposes.
Mailed By January 31
Reports a distribution made from a Coverdell ESA (formerly known as an Education IRA).
Mailed By January 31
Form 1042-S
Reports taxable dividends and income tax withheld on accounts owned by nonresident aliens.
Mailed By March 15
Reports all IRA and SEP-IRA rollover and regular contributions for the 2013 tax year. This will not be available until mid-May, 2014.
Mailed By June 2
Reports all Coverdell Educational Savings Account contributions for the 2013 tax year.
Mailed By April 30