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U.S. Treasury State Tax Exemption

Dividends derived from holding certain U.S. Government obligations (i.e. U.S. Treasuries) may be exempt from state and local income taxes. However, some state and local rules provide income and asset thresholds that must be satisfied before such dividends can qualify for this benefit.

For example, in New York, Connecticut and California, income from certain U.S. Government obligations earned by a fund is only tax-exempt for its shareholders if at least 50% of the fund's assets at the end of each quarter of the fund's fiscal year were invested in U.S. Government securities that are considered tax-exempt under state law.

Dreyfus offers information that can help you and your tax advisor determine if any of your dividends may be exempt from state and local income tax. To view the annual percentage of interest derived from U.S. Government obligations and the quarterly asset composition percentages for any Dreyfus fund, simply select a fund from the pull-down menu below.

Please note that this income is not exempt from federal income tax. If your fund does not appear on the pulldown menu, please refer to your year-end statement to verify that fund's applicable percentage, if any.

You may also download printer-friendly versions of the tax information that follows.

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