Security Center

At Dreyfus, we take the issue of privacy very seriously. We want to assure our Web site visitors and clients that they are receiving the security, privacy and confidentiality they expect from a financial services firm.

Dreyfus will never contact you by e-mail to confirm financial transactions or to confirm or request personal account information or any other type of sensitive information.

If you do receive an e-mail that asks you to confirm financial transactions, provide or confirm sensitive information (such as passwords or sign-on IDs), or personal information (such as social security numbers or personal bank account numbers), please assume that the request is fraudulent.

Some e-mails, links or Web site may even include the Dreyfus logo or resemble existing Dreyfus Internet sign-on pages. You should continue to assume that the request is fraudulent because Dreyfus will never contact you by e-mail to request or confirm personal or sensitive account information.

If you receive e-mail requests to visit a Web site or to submit personal information, consider them fraudulent and notify Dreyfus here. We strongly recommend that you do not open an attachment, click on a link, visit the site, submit your personal information via the site or e-mail, or respond in any way.

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