What is My Dreyfus?

My Dreyfus is a personalized tool that lets you manage subscriptions and keep track of fund information. Once you sign up, you can customize a watchlist of funds to follow pricing and performance, order fund literature, sign up for e-newsletters and manage email or hard copy subscriptions of research, commentaries, regulatory documents and other investing information.

You can still receive documents or information you choose on a one-off basis without signing up and just check out from your cart. But by signing up for My Dreyfus, check out can be faster for future documents you choose to receive and you’ll have the option of subscribing to documents and information that are regularly updated like commentaries and research reports.

Account Access (viewing your account and conducting transactions) and Documents (online statements and tax documents), is separate from My Dreyfus and requires a different login for additional security.

Need Help?

Registration for My Dreyfus is needed to manage your profile (contact details), subscriptions and fund watchlists.

If you have forgotten your password or need additional assistance please contact us at one of the following numbers (Monday – Friday):

Individual Investors: 1-800-DREYFUS (8am – 6pm ET)
Financial Advisors: 1-800-242-8671 (9am – 5pm ET)
Institutional Investors: 1-800-346-3621 (9am – 5pm ET)

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