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Taxable Money Market Commentary

by Senior Portfolio Manager Patricia Larkin

Patricia Larkin

This is Patricia Larkin with a Money Market Commentary for April, 2014. 

  •  Economic activity appears to be continuing on a slow but positive growth path.  The employment data for March showed an increase in non-farm payrolls of 192,000 following an upwardly revised 197,000 in February. The unemployment rate remained stable at 6.7%. In addition, retail sales, housing prices and the purchasing manager’s index are all at levels that indicate that both consumers and businesses are relatively confident about their own financial condition.

  • Janet Yellen chaired her first Federal Open Market Committee meeting. As was widely expected, the Committee voted to continue to decrease the amount of Treasury and mortgage securities they are purchasing in the open market. We expect this downward trend to continue for the remainder of the year, barring a substantial downturn in economic activity or unforeseen financial or geopolitical shocks. The Committee also reiterated that it believes that the current federal funds target of 0 to 0.25% would be appropriate for a considerable time after the asset purchase program was fully wound down.

  • In Europe, the underlying economies remain under significant stress. The European Central Bank has indicated that it stands ready to use “unconventional tools,” should financial conditions warrant. The situation in Crimea does little to bolster confidence in the Eurozone.

  • Given the uncertain environment, we continue to adhere to our long-held conservative credit philosophy while seeking to maintain appropriate levels of liquidity.

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