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Growth or Value: Why Choose Just One?


Investors often wonder if they should choose an investment utilizing a growth or value style. However, a complete asset allocation program will include both types, since they have performed quite differently under similar market conditions, as shown below.

Can You Guess Which Will Outperform?


Dreyfus Offers a Range of Growth and Value Funds
We’re here to help you find the fund that’s right for you. Our fund offerings utilize all different investment styles, including powerful large cap growth and value options.

Dreyfus Research Growth Fund: A Large Cap Growth Standout

Portfolio management team believes that growth factors can differ across sectors. Growth is defined at the sector level, and the analysts pick the best stocks for the fund based on inflection points and trends in the industry.

Dreyfus Strategic Value Fund: A Large Cap Value Standout

Looks to invest in undervalued or overlooked companies with the presence of a catalyst (for example, a corporate restructuring or management change) that could trigger a stock price increase.

We’re Here to Help
Dreyfus Strategic Value Fund and Dreyfus Research Growth Fund can be key components for your diversified portfolio. Let Dreyfus help guide you toward solutions that may help you work toward your financial goals.

To learn more about these funds, or any funds offered by Dreyfus, please speak to your financial advisor, or call 1-800-221-1798.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the fund carefully before investing. Download a prospectus that contains this and other information about the fund, and read it carefully before investing.

Equity funds are subject generally to market, market sector, market liquidity, issuer and investment style risks, among other factors, to varying degrees, all of which are more fully described in the fund’s prospectus.