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The Dreyfus Difference: Delivering Excellence Through the Dreyfus Retail Customer Service Center

Irene Pappas

In 2012, the Dreyfus Retail Customer Service Center, which is located in Uniondale, New York, handled approximately 200,000 calls. But what we are really proud of is the high level of exceptional customer service that was provided to our clients. Unlike some of our competitors, Dreyfus does not outsource this important function. Therefore, the quality and effectiveness of our customer service is constantly monitored, and enhanced training can be delivered quickly and easily.

Under the leadership of Irene Pappas, a Dreyfus employee for 33 years, the Dreyfus Retail Customer Service Center has been recognized for service excellence in the mutual fund industry by numerous independent mutual fund evaluation services, including NQR, Dalbar and Portal Benchmark by Purdue University.

Irene Pappas

While the average tenure of customer service representatives within the industry is approximately 2.5 years, the average of a Dreyfus call center representative is 10.5 years, and it shows! Our highly trained and experienced representatives provide top notch support to our valued clients.

Dreyfus is committed to providing extensive training to its representatives. The classroom training they receive when they join the firm is just the beginning of a complete program that educates them on our products, and our vision of stellar customer service. Representatives receive in-depth training on how to add value to the callers’ experience with Dreyfus, by truly listening to them, servicing their needs, and then, if appropriate, suggesting other products and services to help them fulfill their financial goals at every stage of life.

As part of our unwavering commitment to quality, Dreyfus employs internal quality assurance staff who contact our service center to evaluate the service we are providing. This level of service excellence has created longstanding relationships with our extremely loyal client base.

An Award Winning Team

Charlie Cardona

We’re proud to report that the Dreyfus Retail Customer Service Center has been recognized for outstanding customer service by National Quality Review (“NQR”). NQR has been pioneering service quality and client experience solutions for over twenty years, helping top-tier service organizations tackle critical challenges in customer service. NQR has been reviewing Dreyfus’ calls since 2009, and compares our call quality to our competitors in the financial services industry.

  • Earned NQR “Best-In-Class” ranking for Q1, Q3 and Q4 in 2013 for overall call center service performance1
  • Awarded NQR 5-Star rating for seventeen consecutive quarters from 2009 to 20132

Recognition by NQR is more than an award for us. It is confirmation that we are reaching our goal -- providing excellent customer service to our clients with each and every interaction.

Next time you need help or have questions, call 1-800-443-9794 and experience our customer service for yourself.


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National Quality Review (“NQR”), founded in 1991, is an independent consulting firm that provides financial services companies with statistically reliable service quality evaluations and competitive analyses. NQR works with many of the industry’s leading companies in the United States. Their analysts have an average of 15 years’ financial services experience. Among other services, NQR provides objective evaluations of service quality, and validates that transactions processed and information provided by service organizations comply with regulatory requirements, operational processing standards, and client expectations based on the leading practices in the financial services industry.
1 NQR Best-In-Class represents the single highest performance for any given service quality measure for a quarter or year. NQR determines Best-In-Class performance by calculating a quarterly or annual score for their 23 contact center clients based on the individual call evaluations made during that period. The ratings of all NQR clients are compared, and the highest score is designated the Best-In-Class performer.
2 NQR’s 5-Star rating for top service quality performance is based on the statistical range of top-quartile quality performance of NQR participants in the prior calendar year. An NQR client achieves 5-Star performance for call center service quality when it attains the 5-Star level for a given 4-quarter period. The 5-Star rating not only reflects outstanding service performance, but also recognizes service organizations that have been able to sustain that high level of quality over the long term.