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General Obligation Bond: Kind of municipal bond that pays income exempt from Federal income taxes and is backed by the issuer's good faith, credit and taxing power only.

Global Bond Funds: Invest in debt securities from both the United States and abroad to try to take advantage of higher interest rates that may prevail outside the United States.

Ginnie Mae: Government National Mortgage Association. Government-owned corporation which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Nicknamed Ginnie Mae. Issuer of Ginnie Mae investment certificates.

GNMA Securities: Debt instruments issued by private firms (such as lending institutions, and typically marketed through investment firms) that represent pools of residential mortgages insured or guaranteed by a government agency. GNMA is the abbreviation for the Government National Mortgage Association, a government-owned corporation.

Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA): See Ginnie Mae.

Government Bond Funds: Invest primarily in bonds backed directly by the U.S. Government or its agencies (fund shares not guaranteed).

Growth: Increase in the value of an asset, such as individual stocks, bonds or such kind of mutual fund share over time. Also known as Appreciation.

Growth and Income Funds: Growth and Income Funds target investments in stocks, bonds, and money market instruments, generally with no fixed minimum percentages. Equity and debt investments, though, will predominate under normal market conditions. This strategy can help reduce market risk by diversifying investments among different securities markets.

Growth Funds: Invest in growth stocks. Growth stocks have low price earnings multiples, high price-to-book ratios and a high retention of earnings. Growth stocks are stocks that have exhibited steady growth in past markets and are expected to continue to grow.

Growth Stock: Stock of a company expected to provide long-term capital appreciation.