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Not a Deposit of or Guaranteed by Any Bank

The performance data quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value of a variable annuity will fluctuate therefore you will have a gain or loss when money is withdrawn or received. Current performance may be significantly lower or higher than the performance stated.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the underlying fund carefully before investing. Download a prospectus that contains this and other information about the fund and read it carefully before investing.

  1. Initial class sub-accounts within the Dreyfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage Variable Annuity are only available to contract owners who purchased a contract before January 22, 2001.
  2. An investment in the Money Market Portfolio is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the Money Market Portfolio seeks to maintain a stable net asset value of $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in this portfolio.
  3. The yield reflects an undertaking to reduce fund expenses, without which the 7-day yield would have been -0.41%.
  4. During the period, Dreyfus absorbed a portion of the fund's expenses. This arrangement may be modified at any time.
  5. Investing internationally exposes investors to additional risks and expenses not associated with investing domestically.
  6. The Dreyfus Corporation has agreed until May 1, 2017, to waive receipt of its fees and/or assume the direct expenses of the fund so that the expenses of none of its classes (excluding Rule 12b-1 fees, shareholder services fees, taxes, interest, brokerage commissions, commitment fees on borrowings and extraordinary expenses) exceed .86%.
  7. Investments in small and midcap stocks involve greater risk.
  8. The Dreyfus Corporation has agreed to pay all of the fund's expenses except management fees, Rule 12b-1 fees and certain other expenses, including fees and expenses of the non-interested board members, and their counsel. The Dreyfus Corporation has further agreed to reduce its fees in an amount equal to the fund's allocable portion of the fees and expenses of non-interested Board members and their counsel (in the amount of .03% for the past fiscal year).
  9. Investments in technology companies involves greater risk, because their earnings tend to be less predictable, their share prices more volatile and their securities less liquid than larger, more established companies.
  10. As of May 1, 2002, Transamerica Variable Insurance Funds, Inc. merged with AEGON/Transamerica Series Fund, Inc. Therefore, this fund was moved into the AEGON/Transamerica Series Fund, Inc. trust and renamed (formerly known as Transamerica VIF Growth Portfolio). The performance information for periods prior to May 1, 2002 has been derived from the financial history of the predecessor portfolio.

Annuity contracts typically include limitations, charges and exclusions. Please ask your licensed insurance agent, who is also a registered representative, for a prospectus which contains more complete information on the Dreyfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage® Variable Annuity, including all sales charges, fees, expenses and share classes, or download a prospectus now (National or New York). Please read it carefully before you invest or send money.

As of January 31, 2004, The Dreyfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage Annuity was no longer available for new sales.

The performance in the above chart reflects the deduction of certain contract charges and expenses. The Standardized Average Annual Total Return is the effective annual compounded rate of return, assuming a $1,000 premium, that would have produced the cash value (cash redemption value) over the stated period had the performance remained constant throughout. It reflects the deduction of the maximum 7% surrender charge (contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC)), service charge, mortality and expense risk fee, administrative charge and all other fund/portfolio operating expenses. Depending on how long you have owned your contract your maximum CDSC may be less than shown.

All figures reflect annual deductions of a mortality and expense risk fee of 1.95%, administrative charge of 0.15% and a service charge of $35 (adjusted for average contract size). Performance does not reflect the deduction for optional features or riders. Depending on the version of your contract, the performance figures shown may not necessarily reflect the returns earned in your Dreyfus/Transamerica Triple Advantage contract.

Variable annuity payments are allocated by the contract owner into any or all of the sub-accounts. The sub-accounts, in turn, invest directly in the corresponding underlying fund. The fund's net asset value and investment return fluctuate, so that annuity units may be more or less than their original cost upon redemption. Distributions from the annuity are subject to current income taxes and may be subject to surrender charges, and, if made prior to the owner reaching age 59½, a 10% federal tax penalty. Benefits may change if the age or sex of the annuitant has been misstated.

The Dreyfus Corporation serves as investment adviser to each underlying investment portfolio available under the Triple Advantage®, except for Transamerica WMC Diversified Growth where the sub-adviser is Wellington Management Company LLC.

The investment objectives and policies of the underlying portfolios may be similar to those of other funds/portfolios managed or advised by Dreyfus. However, the investment results may be higher or lower than, and may not be comparable to, those of any other fund/portfolio. The funds/portfolios are only available as underlying investments or funding vehicles for variable annuity contracts or variable life insurance policies. Individuals may not directly purchase shares of the funds/portfolios.

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